Finally it's here. After years of research and development, design and innovation, we are proud to introduce you to Chreos - the most innovative and revolutionary electric vehicle designed to date. This website is an in-development site, which will regularly be updated with information, technologies and most of all, images and videos of this beauty. Our presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ ensures that whatever social media you utilize, you can follow us real time, receiving updates and news on a daily basis.


28 February 2013
Two weeks ago, Chreos was made public. In a few hours, it spread throughout a number of car blogs, ending up even on Fox News yesterday. The reception of Chreos by the automotive world has been mixed, whilst the design has been extremely appreciated, there is scepticism regarding the performance figures of the drive train, in particular, the autonomy of the car and its charging time. When we started working on Chreos, we wanted to start afresh, removing every notion of a car except that it had to be a transportation vehicle.

Searching what was on the market, and the progress that other automakers were doing, it is very clear the major advancements in electric mobility are coming not from major auto houses, but from start-ups who concentrate heavily on innovation and try to stand out. Some have succeeded, earning their rightful place as an innovative and successful company, others were not so lucky.

We devised a different business model from what other manufacturers have undertaken. Chreos will be our pinnacle in design, technology and luxury. All the brains behind this wonderful car have one single objective - to create the ultimate electric vehicle. 

Development on Chreos is proceeding at a steady phase, and we are nearing the finalizing of the interior design and key technologies. The interest from the media, engineers, car distribution and technology development companies is increasing on a daily basis, and we are sure that with the team that we have assembled and the newcomers, immediate and in the future, we will deliver an electric car that will induce a unique emotion - awe.

As for the drive train, our results are extremely promising, and our intention is to bring this technology to the mass market even before what the market anticipates. Chreos is our flagship, but we are building other ships in our fleet... and yes, we are building.


Press Release 22 February 2013

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Message from the CEO:
Silex group of companies has been active in the renewable energy and sustainable development markets for nearly a decade. We felt that the market was missing an electric vehicle that was designed from grounds up to be an electric vehicle. Starting from scratch we designed this ultimate vehicle, at the same time creating a new brand identity that is reflected perfectly in the vehicle's unique design. We believe that we have reached our target to creating a wonderful concept machine, that will over the next months move to prototyping and then to production. Even so, we are far from done with the car. We will be working and updating constantly the car, adding new feature which we will regularly post on this site. We appreciate your feedback and comments, as we believe that they are crucial for our success.
Johnaton Grech

Silex Power